Email views on mobile device doubled in a half a year.

Mobile is breaking record after record. Not surprising but nevertheless very noteworthy. Today it’s email read on mobile phones. As our current email metrics indicate, 4,5% email is read a mobile device. Mobilemetrics expect this will continue to grow in 2011 as the trend indicates.

You can easily double this figure. Why? Because Android doesn’t show up as much as it’s being sold. About 80% of the measured views are from iPhone. Our tracker, which enables us to come up with these statistics, is based on a good old image in the emails. Android and other devices are underrepresented in these statistics because the iPhone automatically displays images and Android doesn’t.

The iPad is on an unstoppable conquest! As reported in earlier November the iPad has dramatically put it’s foot down on mobile internet traffic (iPad traffic boom). This also goes for mail. Of all the outbound email measured, the iPad is responsible of 1% of the views in December and is continuing to grow.

The data used for this claim is based on our benchmark of 350 commercial bulk and transactional mailings for 6 companies in the Netherlands and represents in total about 1 million email views a month.

Recent events:
Android just released Gingerbread and Honeycomb, and is ready to take on the tablet battle with the iOS on the iPad. It is speculated that the CES on January 2011 was for 90% focussed on Android. Competition is good news, but marketing managers have even more devices to account for in communication with the consumer. Now more than even it is important to have solid facts about customer behavior and trends when it comes to mobile usage of your target group, so you can be part of the Mobile Marketing Succes Stories.

MobileMetrics will continue to distribute valuable information to its partners to help them make business decisions based on the right information.